This Club Charter of The House private membership club ("Charter") governs the rights and responsibilities of all members ("Members") of The House private membership club (the "Club") at its facility located at 6, Tsonyo Kalchev Street, 1415 Sofia, Bulgaria ("Premises"). This Charter may be amended from time-to-time as determined by Club management and communicated to the Members by posting on the Club’s Website:

This Charter, as amended, is binding on all Members and governs their use of the Premises.

1. Membership Classes. 

There are currently four classes of membership at the Club, as follows:

Full Members. Full Members have the broadest rights of all classes of Club Membership. Full Members are entitled to the rights and benefits delineated in Schedule I to this Charter. The fees payable by Full Members are established by Club Management from time-to-time and delineated in Schedule IV to this Charter.

Regular Members. Regular Members are entitled to the rights and benefits delineated in Schedule I to this Charter. The fees payable by Full Members are established by Club Management from time-to-time and delineated in Schedule IV to this Charter.

Club Team Member. Club Team Members are designated employees of The House who will enjoy a complimentary membership at The House as an employment benefit, and to enhance the employee’s understanding of the Member and Guest experience of food, beverage, hospitality, gym and spa and event service at The House. Club Team Members may not nominate other Members. Club Team Members must maintain a valid credit card on file for charges incurred at The House. A Club Team membership may be terminated by The House at any time. Club Team Members will have the following privileges only:

· Ability to bring a maximum of three guests at a time

· Access to the areas permitted to Resident Members in Paragraph 8 of this Charter

Future Membership Classes. Club Management may create additional classes of Members in the future, and delineate the rights and responsibilities of those members in an amendment to this Charter.

2. Membership Admission. Prospective Full Members and Regular Members may only apply for Club membership if they are recommended by an Existing Member that has such privilege. The Club’s Membership Committee, who shall be appointed by Club Management, may screen each prospective Member, including background checks as well as reference checks to verify that the prospective Member satisfies the criteria established by Club Management from time-to-time. However, no individual shall be discriminated against by reason of race, color, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. Prospective Members must complete a membership application and participate in interviews as required by the Membership Committee. Membership applications, interview notes, and all discussions and proceedings of the Membership Committee shall be confidential and not subject to review by anyone other than Club Management. The decision of the Membership Committee is final and without appeal.

3. Membership Duration. Memberships are non-transferable, including by cause of death, although a pro rata portion of prepaid annual fees may be refunded to a deceased Member’s estate. So long as a Member pays annual fees and all charges incurred at the Club, the Membership may be renewed at the discretion of Club Management. If a Member elects to withdraw from the Club due to financial necessity or relocation outside of Sofia, as confirmed by Club Management, the departing Member shall pay all outstanding charges incurred at the Club, and shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of prepaid annual fees. A Member may be removed for violating a provision of this Charter, engaging in any illegal conduct at the Premises, for committing vandalism at the Premises, engaging in altercations, or unreasonably disturbing other Members or Guests. A Member who is removed shall not be entitled to any refund of prepaid annual fees.

4. Renewals of Membership. Membership renewals are not automatic and are reviewed by the Membership Committee on quarterly basis. The decision of the Membership Committee is final and without appeal.

5. Membership Cards. Club membership cards are secure access cards that admit Members to various portions of the Premises. Each Member will be responsible for the safekeeping of the Club Membership card that is issued to the Member. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately. Replacement cards may be issued subject to a service fee. Members agree to use other forms of identity verification at the Club as technological advances occur and the Club takes advantage of them (example, fingerprint recognition).

6. Club Policies. The following Club Policies are intended to promote the positive and safe experience of everyone associated with the Club. We consider these policies to have the force of bylaws and we intend to enforce them by sanctioning Members and Guests who violate them and in appropriate cases, terminating Members’ and Guests’ access to the Premises.

6.1. Purpose of Club. The House is a social club that features dining, cocktails, relaxation, social interaction, discussion of technology, innovation, inventions and trends, and facilities for special events (“Private Events”). Our primary concern is the well-being of our Members and their ability to relax and enjoy the Club and its Premises. Although business discussions will naturally arise in the course of socializing among Members, we will not allow solicitation of Members for business opportunities, for fundraising, to join other organizations, to promote religious or political causes, the distribution of unsolicited marketing materials to Members, or the posting of any notices or advertisements not pre-approved by Club Management.

6.2. Alcohol Policy. While alcoholic beverages are served throughout the Club and are a part of the membership experience, we expect all Members to moderate their usage and refrain from boisterous or disruptive behavior as a result of their intake. We reserve the right to refuse to serve alcoholic beverage to Members and Guests who appear to be intoxicated. Alcoholic beverage service at the Club will comply with local rules and regulations, including minimum drinking age laws. No food or beverage may be removed from the Premises.

Members may bring and leave at the designated area in The House their own alcoholic beverages for future use. No corking or other fees shall apply in such case.

6.3. Anti-Harassment Policy. Sexual harassment or unwanted sexual advances toward persons of either sex will not be tolerated. Any Member who is disturbed by any of the conduct described above is urged to report such matters to Club Management (Executive Director or Deputy Director).

6.4. Self-service. The House is a fully self-service facility. Members and their Guests shall have the right to use the provided equipment in an appropriate manner. Any used dishes or cutlery shall be removed from the Premises they were used in and placed in The Kitchen. Consumed beverages shall be added to the tab of the Respective Member at the designated kiosks in the Premises. Tabs shall be settled monthly, or at the end of the month in which the tab exceeds the amount of BGN 50.

6.5. Non-Smoking Premises. Smoking is only permitted in The Garden and, in case of bad weather - the Library and the Game Room. Members and Guests wishing to smoke cigarettes (including e-cigarettes, vape pens, and similar devices) pipes or cigars must do so in the designated smoking areas only. The Hookah Room is a smoking room regardless of weather.

6.6. The Club’s Privacy Policy is detailed in Schedule III to this Charter. It is one of our most important policies, and we urge Club Members to be familiar with it.

6.7. Dress Code. We encourage Club Members to dress in the manner that is comfortable for them. Members are expected to use reasonable judgment in how they and their guests wish to appear in various areas of the Premises. Appropriate sports and lounge attire must be worn in the SPA facilities of the Premises.

7. Guests. The rights of Members to invite guests to the Club ("Guests") are limited as stated in Schedule I and Schedule II to this Charter. Members shall ensure that their Guests are aware of the Club Policies stated in this Charter. Members are responsible for the conduct of their Guests and for the unpaid Club charges of their Guests. Guests shall register with the Club receptionist upon arrival at the Premises. A Member’s guests may not enter the Club without that Member present. Members may not be separated from their guests within The House or allow their guests to remain in The House when they leave. Guests may accompany Members to any areas of the Premises. 

8. Premises Access. All areas of the Premises may be accessed by any Member or Guest, accompanied by the host Member, other than premises that are booked for a private meeting or event at that time. Private meetings or events may be held in the following premises: The Study, The Library, The Game Room, and The Hookah Room.  

9. Reservations. Members may make a reservation for any of The Study, The Library, The Game Room, or The Hookah Room. The maximum booking time for the Library would be two hours. The maximum booking time for the other rooms above would be six hours. For Full Members, the Guest number limit may be exceeded in the case of reservation, which may include a group of eight persons total (i.e. a Member may invite up to seven Guests to the Club if the Member has reserved one of the premises above with a prior reservation).

10. Children. Only children of Members may be present at the Premises and only when accompanied by their parent Member. Members are responsible for the behavior of their children. Children of Members shall be deemed Guests.

11. Pets. The House is a pet-friendly establishment - all pets are welcome as long as they do not disturb the other members of the house and their guests. Members are responsible for their pets at all times while at the House.

12. Transactions. The House is a self-service facility. Members and Guests who purchase food, beverage or products at the Premises shall identify themselves as a Member, or a Guest of a named Member, as the case may be, at the time of purchase by the Member’s Access Card at the designated kiosks and shall add to this Member’s tab the purchased items. Bills shall be served to the respective Members monthly, unless the tab amount is below BGN 50, in which case the bill shall be served at the month when the tab exceeds the amount of BGN 50.  

13. Hosting Events. After the expiry of 3 (three) months of membership, Full Members may host Private Events in designated areas of the Premises, working with the Club to arrange food, beverage and other aspects of the event. Under exceptional circumstances, the Club or selected portions of it may be designated as event spaces. Advance notice would be given to Members regarding such bookings. 

Schedule I - Rights and Benefits of Full Membership

Full Members shall have the following rights and benefits:

· Access to the areas of the Premises indicated in Section 8 of the Charter

· A maximum of three guests at a time (except as otherwise prearranged)

· Attendance at Member events as organized by the Club

· Hosting Private Events in The Parlour and The Garden and other events facilities at the Premises, including one complementary Private Event per year (subject to a BGN 200 cleaning fee)

· The SPA access with no further usage fee

· Fee use of the parking lot of The House, upon availability of parking space

Schedule II - Rights and Benefits of Regular Membership

Regular Members shall have the following rights and benefits:

· Access to the areas of the Premises indicated in Section 8 of the Charter

· A maximum of three guests at a time

· Attendance at Member events as organized by the Club

· The SPA access with no further usage fee 

Schedule III - Privacy Policy

 We take your privacy very seriously. Thank you for adhering to The House Privacy Policy as outlined below.


From time-to-time, the Club’s appointed staff and photographers/videographers will be capturing key events. Should you prefer to remain anonymous, please let a staff member know and please position yourself away from the camera. We will do everything we can to respect your privacy and to accommodate your concerns. We may pixilate or use other methods to obscure the identity of Members who have not consented to be filmed or photographed.


To protect the relaxed atmosphere within The House, Members may not take or make phone calls while in the Club, including video and voice calls from mobile phones and computers. Calls from phones or computers may be made in designated areas (the Board Room or the Library, if available, or at the reception area of the House).


Texting and using apps on mobile phones are permitted at the Club. Computers and other non-telephone devices (such as tablets) may be used during the day, but must be put away by 6pm when Club social activity becomes our focus.


No cameras, video or recording devices may be used by Members while at The House. The House reserves the right to ask a Member to delete any photos, videos or other recorded images used or taken while on The House premises.


Movies, videos, songs, and presentations must only be played through headphones and should not be audible to any other Member or Guest present. Any Member can select and play its own playlist on the audio systems throughout the House as long as this does not disturb other Members or Guests. Members are expected to use reasonable judgment in the style of music they play in The House Premises.


The Club has a strict no press policy for Members. Members will be held accountable if they disclose or identify any other Members or Guests who are at The House in any radio, television or online news media (“News Media”), or social media including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo and on personal blogs (“Social Media”).


The House management and all staff members adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards and pledge to maintain all records and personal information concerning Members in the strictest confidence. We do cooperate with law enforcement investigations, court orders, and subpoenas in their requests for information that may otherwise be confidential.


Each Member is responsible for ensuring that his or her Guests are aware of this Privacy Policy and comply with it. Every restriction on Members is equally applicable to Guests.


Each Private Event host (“Host”), with the approval of The House management, will have discretion to determine the privacy policies applicable within the confines of the Private Event venue. Members and Guests attending a Private Event must receive the Host’s permission before recording, photographing, videotaping, publicizing, mentioning the Event in News Media or Social Media, and otherwise publicly identifying or describing the Event, the Host, or its attendees. 

Schedule IV - Membership Fees

Upon approval or renewal of membership, the membership fees become payable immediately. Membership is for a minimum of one year and renewable thereafter on an annual basis as described in this Charter.

Membership fees are payable quarterly or annually. Failure to pay the membership fee (or any installment thereof) within one month of the due date after being notified by management will result in the Member not being admitted to the House and the Membership being terminated.

· Full Membership

BGN 1,800 per year if paid annually 

BGN 180 per month if paid monthly

· Regular Membership

BGN 1,200 per year if paid annually

BGN 120 per month if paid monthly

· Primary Office Upgrade

BGN 1,200 per year if paid annually

BGN 120 per month if paid monthly

· Overseas Membership

Members, residing permanently outside of Sofia City enjoy the benefit of a 50% discount of the respective Membership Fee for.

· Family Membership

Spouses and partners of Members enjoy the benefits of a 50% discount on the respective Membership Fee.